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June 29, 2018
Road trip Tips

Before you hit the road, check out these stretches and snacks to keep handy.

Summer is made for getting out and seeing where the road takes you. Exploring the countryside by road often conjures images of siblings fighting, out of tune singing, lots of diner food and uncomfortably tight seating arrangements.

While we can’t help you with the siblings and singing (don’t worry they will make for some terrific memories in the future), we can give you advice on how to get your body to loosen up after sitting for an extended period of time and some snacks you can pack that will help you avoid those greasy diners or convenience store foods for the entire trip. Read More

June 22, 2018
Great outdoors month

How do you enjoy the outdoors during the summer? If you need a few ideas, keep reading for our suggestions!

June is National Outdoors Month, the perfect time to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine before it gets too hot in the weeks to come. Whether you’ve been staying active all winter long or you need to take things easy, there are a plethora of ways you can enjoy the great outdoors. Need some ideas? Keep scrolling for a few! Read More

June 1, 2018
Laptop Use

If you use a laptop frequently, here are some dangers you need to know about.

Laptop computers are a fantastic option for people who need a computer while they’re on the go. They have many of the same features of a desktop system and they’re portable – what’s not to love about them?  While they may be a great tool for workers on the go, and a popular choice for younger employees, there are some hidden dangers of using only a laptop for extended periods of time. Keep reading to learn what they are and how to prevent them! Read More

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