What’s on your ergonomics wish list this holiday season? At We’ve Got Your Back, we recommend a wide variety of ergonomic products to help you stay safe and healthy in the workplace. Giving your employees the ability to adjust and personalize their workspace with comfort in mind is one of the best gifts you could give them this year. Which workplace health items should be on your list? Here are our 2017 gift picks.

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What’s on your gift wish list this year?

Essential Ergonomic Office Gifts

Ergonomic Chairs

The right seating can turn a difficult day into a productive one. This holiday season, do your workers a favor and stock new ergonomic office chairs for them to enjoy! What should you be looking for? A good desk seat should be comfortable enough to sit in for several hours at a time and provide adequate back support to keep the body healthy. Check out the selection of ergonomic chairs on our website.

Adjustable Sit-To-Stand Desks

Sit-to-stand desks are hot right now, and for good reason. If you want to help your team members beat the elusive Sitting Disease, consider offering these desks for them. The benefits of standing as you work are vast, and workers of all ages can take advantage of this easy way to gain more energy while on the job. Browse our selection of sit-to-stand desks here.

Training Tables

Do you want to make your office space more flexible? Training tables are perfect for accommodating lots of workers in a conference room and can be custom tailored to meet your company’s needs. Essential for hot-desking environments and more, browse our selection of training tables here on our website.

Ergonomic Computer Mice

Most office computer mice are poorly designed and can cause pain in your muscles and joints. An ergonomic mouse will allow you to scroll for hours with ease and free up your attention to focus on other important projects. Check out our ergonomic mouse options here.

Monitor Mounts

Adjustability is key to a healthy ergonomic workplace, and monitor mounts are part of the puzzle. They help free up desk space and reduce clutter, but they also allow workers to move and tilt their computer screens to meet the ideal height for their bodies. Be sure to position the screen so you are looking straight ahead of you, without bending your neck. Learn more about monitor mounts here.

Good workplace ergonomics is not just a philosophy; it should be a regular practice in your office. The right products can transform your employees’ workday, making them far more productive and energetic. What’s on your wish list as we head into the holiday season?