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September 29, 2017

Standing desks aren’t a new idea. Commonly, offices in the 19th century featured tall wooden desks that were the norm for many types of workers. Perhaps most famously, Ernest Hemingway and other writing legends used standing desks for years, citing increased focus and productivity. Receiving a boost in energy, reducing the risk of obesity and saving money in health and wellness programs are all benefits of introducing standing desks into your office.

Why is standing important? Keep reading to find out!

We talk all the time about standing at work, but do you know why it’s so important? There are many reasons; employees are more likely to be satisfied and committed to their jobs when they are provided with the ergonomic comforts they need. More than 42 percent of workplace back injuries stem from ergonomic concerns and on average, workers who suffer these issues take at least a week to recuperate.

Stocking the proper items and paying attention to your employees’ needs can help you combat this. Read on to learn why standing on the job is crucial for maintaining a comfortable, healthy and productive work environment.

Are Standing Desks Worth the Investment?

We can see why businesses are hesitant to purchase standing desks for their offices; the costs are more expensive than traditional desks and seating. Standing desks can be a pricey investment, however, the health benefits workers receive from standing will save your company money over time in health and wellness initiatives, in addition to increased work productivity from higher team morale. Read More

September 15, 2017

Collaborative workspaces can strengthen teams and promote communication, but the open office floor plan can be a barrier to employee privacy, sometimes creating an uncomfortable work environment. Are you looking for ways to have the best of both worlds, without sacrificing the happiness of your team members? Read on for advice.

Does your open office lack privacy? Here are some tips!

The Problem with Open Offices

Open offices tend to get a bad reputation. As TIME explains, “The modern open office was designed for team building and camaraderie but is mostly distinguished by its high noise levels, lack of privacy and surfeit of both digital and human distractions.” Forbes continues, “Nearly 60 percent of people cite sound privacy as the biggest frustration with their open office plan, while nearly 30 percent said the same about noise levels, according to a study from the University of Sydney.”

How can you cut through the clutter and help your team members succeed in this environment? To avoid lowering workplace productivity and stressing out your workers, follow the below strategies.

Creating Privacy in a Collaborative Workspace: 3 Tips

1. Set Times for Group Work

In an open office, employees have a tendency to wander throughout the workspace, chatting with their colleagues. This is great for teamwork, but not so great for individual projects. Since not all work tasks are team-related, set some regular hours in the office that are just for working independently, while some hours can be focused on group work. Read More

August 25, 2017

Employers are frequently looking for inexpensive ways to improve the health and wellness of their team members, often by transforming their office with ergonomics in mind. Adding monitor arms to desktop computers is one way that workers can feel healthier and more productive throughout the day. How does this work? Read on for details.

Have you tried a monitor arm?

The Importance of Monitor Arms for Good Ergonomics

Monitor arms are great because they add a level of adjustability to the workspace, as not every person has the same needs. When working, it’s important to keep the computer screen at eye level to avoid bending your neck and placing unnecessary strain your back; monitor arms are great adjustable options that are essential in every workplace.

How does a monitor arm work? The adjustable arm allows you to place your computer screen at the optimal height, and helps you reduce back pain, since sitting up straight is the first step toward improving your posture. It can tempting to hunch over while using the computer, so make sure to always have even footing on the ground, whether sitting or standing. It’s also easy to get lost in your work for long periods of time, so ensure you’re in a comfortable and ergonomically correct position to do so. Read More

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